Law Schools Where Accepted Students Usually Enroll

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Law Schools Where Accepted Students Usually Enroll

Which are the schools where admitted students actually choose to enroll? US News released the top 10 of law schools with the best yield rates.

The number of students applying to law school keeps decreasing, according to a March report from the Law School Admission Council. For many law schools, it becomes harder and harder to fill their seats and to protect their coveted yield rate, the percentage of admitted students who actually choose to enroll.

U.S. News & World Report released a list of the 10 schools with the highest yield rates in 2013, ranged from 80,6% down to 42%.

Yale Law still dominates the list, this time with an 80.6 percent yield rate. Indeed, the only students who turn down an acceptance to Yale - ranked N°1 in the US News rankings - are probably be the ones who go to Harvard or Stanford, which also appear here with 66.2 and 45.7 percent yield rates, respectively.

Yet, apart from these 3 universities, you may be surprised by the top 10.

1. Yale (80,6%)

2. Harvard (66,2%)

3. Brigham Young University (64,1%)

4. University of New Mexico (46,5%)

5. Southern University Law Center (46%)

6. Stanford University (45,7%)

7. University of Missouri - Kansas City (44,9%)

8. University of North Dakota (43,9%)

9. Indiana University - Indianapolis (McKinney) (42,6%)

10. University of Nevada - Las Vegas (42%)

It is interesting to see that Southern University Law Center, which was ranked in the bottom one-fourth of its ranking category, has a better yield rate than Stanford’s. Also, the University of Missouri and the University of North Dakota were respectively ranked N°104 and N°129 in the 2015 US News ranking - yet they are in the top 10 of the highest yield rates!

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