The US News 2015 law school rankings are here !

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The US News 2015 law school rankings are here !

US News & World has published its ranking of the 2015 best law schools in the United States.

After having increased the suspense yesterday by publishing a list of the top 10 law universities (not in order), US News & World finally released its rankings of the 2015 law schools in the United States.

There was no major change in the upper part of the ranking. Yet the big winner this year seems to be Duke University, who reached the top 10 (equally placed with the University of Michigan).

Here is the top 20 in the global ranking for the full-time category :

1. Yale University

2. Harvard University

3. Stanford University (-1 ; 2nd last year with Harvard)

4. Columbia University

4. University of Chicago

6. New York University

7. University of Pennsylvania

8. University of Virginia (-1 ; 7th last year with Penn)

9. University of California - Berkeley

10. Duke University (+1)

10. University of Michigan -Ann Arbor (-1 ; 9th last year with Berkeley)

12. Northwestern University

13. Cornell University

13. Georgetown University (+1)

15. University of Texas - Austin

16. University of California - Los Angeles (+1)

16. Vanderbilt University (-1)

18. Washington University in St Louis (+1)

19. Emory University (+4)

20. George Washington University (+1)

20. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (-1)

20. University of Southern California - Gould (-2)

There was much more movement further down the list. For example, the College William & Mary made a significant rebound from 33th to 24th place, while Washington and Lee University fell from 26th down to 43th. You can check the Top 50 with +/- changes here.


In the ranking for part-time programs, the podium is held by Georgetown University (1st), George Washington University (2nd) and Fordham University (3rd), like last year.


US News also publishes a law school ranking for each area of law : health care law, environmental law, intellectual property law, international law, tax law...

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