Women Lawyers: Infographic

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Women Lawyers: Infographic

Women make up 33% of the legal profession. But are they really equal to men? Do they make the same amount as their male counterparts? Are they offered the same opportunities to advance in their careers? What are their reasons for leaving the industry?




LLMinfo.com created an infographic examining the state of women lawyers. This infographic traces the history of prominent women in law to the present, the progress women have made since then, to the structural obstacles inherent in the legal industry today which they must surmount in areas such as:


  • the pay gap (women lawyers earn only 87% of men lawyers’ salaries)
  • career trajectories, promotion and leadership (10% of firms have women chairpersons, 12% as managing partners, and 19% of equity partners are women, and 11% of the largest law firms have no women on their governing committees)
  • retention rates (women are more likely to leave before the third year, just as they are about to reach higher levels of profitability)
  • reasons for leaving (women were 10 times more likely to leave due to dependent care responsibilities).


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