Top 10 US law schools for social life

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Top 10 US law schools for social life recently ranked the 2014 Top Law Schools for social life.

When the time comes to choose their LLM, many students consider the course quality, career support or financial aid - but not only. Social life is also one of the most important aspects of your year abroad!

With votes from more than 60,000 students, Graduate Programs ranked the most social law schools in the United States. “Social life” is defined as how easy it is for students to meet people, make friends, or date.
1) University of Florida (9.65 stars)
2) University of Colorado at Boulder (9.49 stars)
3) The University of Texas at Austin (9.46 stars)
4) University of Georgia (9.33 stars)
5) University of Alabama (9.24 stars)
6) Washington University in St. Louis (9.23 stars)
7) University of Virginia (9.19 stars)
8) Northwestern University (9.17 stars)
9) University of Miami (9.15 stars)
10) University of San Francisco (9.14 stars)

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