The Art of Writing an LL.M. Personal Statement

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The Art of Writing an LL.M. Personal Statement

With the first law schools’ application deadlines now already fast approaching, LL.M. applicants around the world start asking themselves: What should I write about in my LL.M. personal statement? And how should I write it?

The LL.M. personal statement is the heart and soul of any LL.M. application.  Because of the large number of applications law schools in the U.S. and U.K. receive each year, they typically do not conduct interviews with prospective LL.M. candidates. Instead, in order to learn more about the merits of an application, they require applicants to write a personal statement (or statement of purpose).


Writing a good LL.M. personal statement is as critical to an applicant’s success as it is challenging. Luckily for Master of Laws candidates, there is a new resource available that aims to help them with tips and by revealing examples of winning LL.M. personal statements. Based on their rich experience and work with international LL.M. applicants, London based GoLLM Admissions Consultants have recently published an eBook entitled ‘Top Personal Statements for LL.M. Programs.’ 


As the first book of its kind on the market, this eBook promises to shed some light on the “black box” that is the LL.M. admissions process. Top Personal Statements for LL.M. Programs contains 10 full-length LL.M. personal statement samples that worked at some of the top law schools in the U.S. and U.K., such as Harvard, Columbia, NYU, Berkeley, Penn, London School of Economics, and others. The sample personal statements cover different areas of the law, including corporate, commercial, tax, IP, human rights, and international law. Even a complete example of the often dreaded Harvard legal essay is part of the book.


Helpfully, each personal statement is accompanied by expert commentary that provides background and analysis of a document’s strength and weaknesses. While the statements should obviously not be copied, prospective applicants can use the eBook with its samples and hints to learn more about the substance, style, and structure of a top-notch LL.M. personal statement.


Compared to the potential costs of an LL.M. program, the price for this helpful resource is modest. At the time of this writing, Top Personal Statements for LL.M. Programs is offered at the discounted price of $13.99.


More information can be found on the GoLLM website, where the eBook is available for immediate download in PDF format.


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