International Contracts and Dispute Resolution: A Seminar for In-House Counsel

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International Contracts and Dispute Resolution: A Seminar for In-House Counsel

Lazareff Le Bars in partnership with the French Association of Legal Expert (AFJE : Association Française des Juristes d'Entreprises) and Vermont School of Law organize the first session

This rigorous two-week certificate course is designed for international in-house counsel working in multinational settings and having 10 – 15 years’ legal experience. The course will serve the goals of helping participants operate successfully in U.S. and international markets, demystifying U.S. litigation and regulatory processes, and exploring dispute resolution alternatives. Building on core legal principles, the classes will address the interplay of international law and the U.S. legal system. The course offers in-depth presentations by legal experts, as well as networking opportunities. Participants will apply the lessons learned in the seminar in small group settings under the guidance of our experienced faculty.

The small classroom setting and intensive course work provide participants the opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills and to network with peers based in Europe. Team projects give participants the opportunity to work with other forward thinking in-house counsel. In addition, the faculty includes both academics and attorneys with practice expertise, providing participants with a breadth and depth of knowledge not offered in other concentrated areas.

Beware, the date of registration is March, 7 2014.

For further details, please click on this link or consult online the informative brochure of this program.

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