International and European Business Law LL.M., Trinity College Dublin

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International and European Business Law LL.M., Trinity College Dublin

Louis Vallet, gives us his feedback of the International and European Business Law LL.M. of Trinity College Dublin. In this article, he kindly shares his LL.M. experience and gives some advice.

The International and European Business Law LL.M. is one of the three LL.M. programmes offered by the oldest and most prestigious university of Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, ranked among the best Law School in Europe and located in the heart of Dublin.

This advanced academic degree encompasses a wide range of modules students can compare before selecting them in the first week of each semester, what enabled me to create a tailor-made LL.M. Interested in both counsel and litigation matters, I chose lectures adapted to my specialisation such as Corporate Governance, Delaware Corporate Law, European Union Financial Services Law, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution and Corporate, White-Collar and Regulatory Crime. Nevertheless, other lectures as Intellectual Property, Islamic Law and Employment Law are also provided. All topics involve American and European studies through respective legislation, case law and doctrine. The comparison of different legal systems is interesting, in particular in the implementations of European directive which vary from one Member State to another one. The study of the influential Delaware Corporate Law or the answers of the European Union to the crisis have also been exciting. Lecturers usually are law professors or practitioners from banks or law firms who share their international experience. The required personal work includes numerous legal readings, essays writing and oral presentations. Assessment most of time consists in two-hour written examinations or in research essays. All along the year, we also prepare a research dissertation related to our specialisation, under the supervision of one law professor.

Many reasons contribute to apply for this attractive education which is affordable in Ireland. The small size of the modules represents an excellent way to debate between students and with the lecturer. Another feature of Anglo-Saxon universities is the comfort of the facilities with a precious access to a huge online content of legal sources and to a studying room twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Besides, over 130 societies enable us to practice many activities outside working hours like rifle, hiking, rowing and typical Irish sports as hurling or Gaelic football, including many competitions.

Trinity College also hosts numerous legal, economic or cultural events with well-known law professors, Nobel Prizes, famous authors and politics. For example, Pr. Paul Craig, the President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins and Michael Connelly came this year. Other activities such as moot court competitions, job fair and trips to European Court of Justice for instance punctuate the year.

As a full-time year Master, this LL.M. gets the opportunity to live abroad over a long period of time. Thus, we have enough chances to enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Island. Dublin especially as a vibrant city is quite stimulating and offers a huge history in literature from the Book of Kells to Oscar Wilde. Therefore it necessarily develops our international culture. Living with many nationalities represented in the Master also enhance our open-mindedness.

Beyond this wonderful human adventure, a LL.M. is extremely rewarding as international business lawyers since it strengthen both oral and written English skills in our area of law. The choice of modules in accordance with our future professional activity is a strong advantage since it improves our expertise in a relevant manner. The potential network built during one year is also fundamental for a law firm involved in cross-borders cases. Eventually a LL.M. degree shows that you adapt easily and constitutes a guarantee of high standard profiles. That explains why several international law firms organize meetings all along the year to meet us.

There is no need to wonder when is the most adequate period during your studies to do this LL.M., just do it !

Louis Vallet

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