How to find a reliable Top Law Schools Ranking ?

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How to find a reliable Top Law Schools Ranking ?
The ranking of Law Schools is one of the top factors, with location and affordability, that students find most important when considering law schools ! Let's give you some advice to help you with this search !


Indeed, there is around 1.800 LL.M. in the world divided into "General LL.M." and "Specialized LL.M."  And there is a huge range of LL.M. with very unusual speciality like for example an LL.M. in Polar Law : that is the main reason why this kind of ranking doesn't exist.
Prior to this article we reported rankings of 3 of the most popular countries to study the law. You can have knowledge of these reports following these links :

Find the Top 10 of Best Law School in Canada ranked in 2013 ! (source: MacLean's)
Find the Top 20 of Best Law School in UK ranked in 2013 ! (source : The Guardian)
Find the Top 20 of Best Law School in USA ranked in 2013 ! (source: US News)

If you are looking for an LL.M. degree in a small country (with a low probability to find a ranking per country), you can refer to this link : QS World University Rankings.

To have an idea of the reliabilty of this kind of rating, don't forget to take a look at the methodology used by the organization.
There are other types of rankings that you may consider.

Indeed, if you want to apply for a "specialized LL.M.", try to find a ranking limited to this specialty. U.S. News for instance, propose Top Law School by Law Specialities such as
Clinical Training, Dispute Resoultion, Environmental Law, Healthcare Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, Legal writing, Part-time Law, Tax Law and Trial Advocacy.

 You can also refer to more unusual ranking like the top 25 of innovative ideas in Law School of PreLaw, . It's important for you to have a large view of all the topics that can have an effect on Law School Ranking.

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