Find the Top 20 of Best Law Schools in UK ranked in 2013 !

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Find the Top 20 of Best Law Schools in UK ranked in 2013 !
We pursue our world tour of the Best Law Schools with the UK Universities !


In the Top 3 of this ranking, we can find the prestigious law schools of Oxford, LSE and Cambridge.

The source of this rating is the Guardian. The Guardian takes into account reliable information such as the percentage of students satisfied with courses, teaching or feedback. The unemployment is also reported with a special criteria based on the percentage of students who have a career in law after 6 months. 

As you can identify, some universities are on the same level.

1.  Oxford 

     Find a BCL and MJur at Oxford

2.  London School of Economics
     Find an LL.M. at LSE

3.  Cambridge
     Find an LL.M. at Cambridge

4.  University College of London
     Find an LL.M. at UCL

5.  York University
     Find an LL.M. at York University

6.  Queen Mary University
     Find an LL.M. at Queen Mary University

7.  Durham University
     Find an LL.M. at Durham University

8.  University of Warwick
     Find an LL.M. at University of Warwick

9.  King's College London
     Find an LL.M. at King's College London

10. University of Dundee
      Find an LL.M. at University of Dundee

11. University of Edinburgh on a par with University of Newcastle
      Find an LL.M. at University of Edinburgh
      Find an LL.M. at University of Newcastle

13. Nottingham University
       Find an LL.M. at Nottingham University

14. University of Glasgow on a par with University of Lancaster
       Find an LL.M. at University of Glasgow 
       Find an LL.M. at University of Lancaster

16. School of Oriental and African Studies 
       Find an LL.M. at SOAS

17. Robert Gordon
      Find an LL.M. at Robert Gordon University

18. Southampton
       Find an LL.M. at Southampton

19. University of Sussex
      Find an LL.M. at University of Sussex

20. University of Leicester 
      Find an LL.M. at University of Leicester

Source : The Guardian
For full rankings or further information about the Best Law Schools Rankings Methodology, please refer to this link

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