Find the Top 10 of Best Law Schools in Canada ranked in 2013 !

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Find the Top 10 of Best Law Schools in Canada ranked in 2013 !

Because every student feels concerned about the rankings of the Law School to choose in Canada, we have this information for you !

This ranking is divided into two parts : on the one hand, the best common law schools and on the other hand the best civil law schools. 
In this two rankings, we can find mention the prestigious law school of McGill in Montréal. 

As you can identify, some universities are on the same level. The source of this rating is Maclean's, a reliable Canadian weekly news magazine. 

Top 5 of Best Common Law Schools :

1. Toronto University
     Find an LL.M. at Toronto University

2. Osgoode Law School
    Find an LL.M. at Osgoode Law School

3. McGill University on a par with Queen's University
    Find an LL.M. at McGill University
    Find an LL.M. at Queen's University

5. University of British Columbia (UBC)

    Find an LL.M. at UBC

Top 5 of Best Civil Law Schools :

1. McGill University
   Find an LL.M. at McGill University

2. Université de Montréal
    Find an LL.M. at Université de Montréal

3. Ottawa University
    Find an LL.M. at Ottawa University

4. Laval University
    Find an LL.M. at Laval University

5. Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) on a par with Sherbrooke University 
    Find an LL.M. at UQAM
    Find an LL.M. at Sherbrooke University

Source : Maclean's
For full rankings or further information about the Best Law Schools Rankings Methodology, please refer to this link.

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