Feedback : Joint J.D./LL.M. at Georgetown University Law Center

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Feedback : Joint J.D./LL.M. at Georgetown University Law Center

Feedback from Jacob Puhl
Jacob, Law student at OSU, is now attending Georgetown University Law Center working towards his joint J.D./LL.M..

We had the opportunity to discuss with him about his experience at Georgetown University

I chose Georgetown for 3 reasons:

a.I am from the area and was able to live at a house owned by my family for free
b.I am interested in the study of tax law and Georgetown is one of the top tax programs
c.I would like to practice in the DC area, or at least the east coast, so there are a lot of valuable connections to make here

As far as my current classes, I think evidence and criminal procedure are incredibly useful for a student to understand the American legal system. Additionally, my Global Indirect Tax class was a fascinating survey looking at tax all around the world. That class actually was about 50% international, with students frequently weighing in on their home jurisdiction’s method of taxation.

Thank you very much Jacob !

I chose a joint JD/LLM because it was a way for me to save both time and money. I only need one semester of LLM classes because I get to count 12 credits from the JD year towards my LLM. Instead of USD 53,000, I will only pay USD 26,000 and I will be able to start working a full semester before.


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