Feedback : International Corporate & Financial Law - University of Wolverhampton (UK)

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Feedback : International Corporate & Financial Law - University of Wolverhampton (UK)
Guillaume Petit, a former LL.M. student at the University of Wolverhampton in the UK, shares his experience with us.


Within the framework of the French bar school, I had the opportunity to do a LLM of 1 year.

First of all, I wanted to improve my English with my LLM, and especially my legal English in order to master the specific vocabulary used in business law. That is why a LLM in United Kingdom appeared to me a really good opportunity.

In the goal to avoid the big and expensive cities, I looked for a city of a middle size where I could be totally involved in the English student life. Wolverhampton was this type of city.

Plus, the LLM of international corporate and financial law of the University of Wolverhampton presented the advantage to offer lectures of international corporate governance, international insolvency law and international banking law. So, I considered that it was a chance to principally achieve some knowledge in English and American law, especially in insolvency law.

I spent 1 year in Wolverhampton, from October 2012 to June 2013.

Concerning the courses, they were very interesting and practical. The teachers were ready to assist all the foreign students. Moreover, I had to write a dissertation of 60 pages and my teacher of insolvency law, Chris Umfreville, was really helpful to give me good advices.

In parallel, the student life was very nice. I was in a big student building with 200 students, most of them were English people, in a corridor of 12 persons. I think it is the best situation to improve its English and enjoy the night life of English students.

And the city was very cheap and also very nice, with a big park and football stadium just next to the University and the student building.

With the LLM, I improved my English and achieved knowledge principally in English and American insolvency, banking and corporate law.

Thanks to this LLM, I enhanced significantly my curriculum vitae in order to be recruited by the big French law firm Bredin Prat in its insolvency law department

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