Berkeley Professional LL.M.

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Berkeley Professional LL.M.

This article highlights the advantages of Berkeley University (academic excellence, quality of its research & publications, the campus ...) and especially those of the LL.M., such as an international renowned Berkeley Law degree, a worldwide network, ...

Berkeley is internationally renowned for its academic excellence, the size and atmosphere of its libraries and laboratories, the quality of its research and publications, and the distinction of its faculty and students. The campus is surrounded by wooded, rolling hills and by the charming city of Berkeley[1]. The surrounding Bay Area, including San Francisco, Palo Alto and Stanford’s campus, offers culture, entrepreneurial dynamism, entertainment, and the feeling of a place where anything can happen. The open-mindedness of this whole offers the opportunity to discover new ways to thrive, evolve and progress, either as individual or as professional.


The track of the LL.M. program is designed for lawyers educated outside the U.S. who want an international renowned Berkeley Law degree. Classes, program, exams, teachers and diploma are the same than the ones offered during the academic LL.M.


The student body can best be characterized by its diversity, with more than 40 different nationalities for 150 students in 2013. It is a unique chance to learn not only about the American system, but about practices all around the world, with high-level professionals willing to share their knowledge and experience. Teachers explained that during professional LL.M. courses, debates and discussions went further because of the practitioner status of the students. Moreover, with this program, you will build a worldwide network made by lawyers who are leaders in their fields, a necessity when dealing with international clients.


Thus, this program is innovative, competitive, and comprehensive. With a flexible curriculum including business law, intellectual property, and core U.S. law courses, students have the opportunity to qualify for the California Bar Exam. In addition to an LL.M. degree, students seeking in-depth training in Business Law or Intellectual Property Law are able to earn a Certificate of Specialization in recognition of their expertise. These certificates, in addition of their professional recognition, offer the ability to create associations, visit companies of the Bay area, meet attorneys, CEOs and entrepreneurs, attend thrilling conferences and keynotes, invite teachers to dinners and discuss all the topics you could think of.


This program is more than a degree, it’s a life experience and a unique chance to broader your career in one of the most vibrant place in the world.

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