2014 Law Schools Rankings of US News and World

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2014 Law Schools Rankings of US News and World
US News and World has published its 2014 rankings of the best Law Schools.


The podium remains the same in the full-time category : Yale University retains 1st position, followed by Harvard and Stanford which are both ranked N°2. The 4th place is held by Columbia University and the University of Chicago. 

The main changes in the full-time program rankings can be found further down in the list : for example, Washington University in St Louis improved its rank from 23rd place to 19th position, while the University of Washington fell from 20th to 28th. To see the full ranking, click here

The ranking moved quite a lot in the part-time law programs. Loyola University Chicago, which was ranked 33rd in the last years, rose up to the 6th place. The podium is held by Georgetown University (1st), George Washinton University (2nd) and Fordham University (3rd) in this category. To see the full ranking for the part-time category, click here

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