Riga Graduate School of Law

Riga Graduate School of Law
Since its establishment in 1998, RGSL has been offering high-level master’s programmes on subjects related to international law. Today the School offers master’s degrees in International and European Law, Public International Law and Human Rights, European Union Law and Policy, Transborder Commercial Law, Legal Linguistics, and Law and Finance. These programmes attract students from Latvia and the Baltic region, but also to a large extent from EU neighbourhood countries, CIS states, and increasingly from the rest of Europe and overseas. The diverse composition of the student body is one of the School’s main assets, as it contributes to a highly stimulating learning environment for both students and teachers.

Starting in September 2010, we have added two bachelor level programmes to the RGSL portfolio of activities. Both programmes are interdisciplinary in nature with a primary focus on law – one is devoted to the study of Law and Diplomacy, the other to Law and Business. This has so far been a tremendous success, as it extends the possibility of studying at RGSL to a new generation of Latvian and international students. Holders of our Bachelor degree may enter the world of law, business, and diplomacy, but may also decide to continue in one of our master’s programmes. Many RGSL graduates have found important positions in law firms, international organisations, and business corporations.

Adding to these established activities, we are also in the process of launching a PhD programme in cooperation with prestigious international partners. Today, holding a PhD degree is of great importance not only for academic careers, but also increasingly for professional career development in general. Continuing the line of our bachelor and masters programmes, we will offer a PhD programme both in law and interdisciplinary studies.

RGSL is located in Riga, a city with a strong historical foundation in Europe. It is the capital of Latvia, which forms part of the new frontier of the European Union with many direct connections to both Member States and neighbouring countries. From its central position in the Baltic region, Riga offers students an exciting cultural environment and an excellent platform to start an international career

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