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Law & Finance


Le programme se décompose en 3 parties distinctes : 
  • Cours introductifs
  • Cours avancés sur les domaines de spécialisation 
  • Cours optionnels
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The programme is divided into 3 distinct modules : 
  • The first module of the programme consists of introductory courses
  • The second module of the programme consists of  advanced clusters  from which students specialise in 
  • The third module of the programme offers students a series of electives that support and enhance the fundamentals acquired in the first 2 parts and offers a balanced series of financial and legal courses 
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  • Licence ou Master ou diplôme équivalent en droit, en commerce, en finance, en économie ou dans des domaines rattachés.
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Available to individuals with a Bachelor, Masters, or equivalent degree in law, business, finance, economics, or related fields. 

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