Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores University

The Mission of Liverpool John Moores University is “to serve and enrich our students, clients and communities by providing opportunities for advancement through education, training, research and the transfer of knowledge”.

Full realisation of our mission can only be achieved by a collaborative approach on the part of everyone.  Individual attitudes and behaviours are key to the University’s success. The LJMU Values not only make us different, they also provide us with a sense of direction for consistent behaviour. They act as a foundation for our evolving culture as well as a guide describing what we can expect of each other and what our students, clients and the communities in which we work can expect of us.  Our values are at the heart of how we work and they provide that invisible golden thread linking us all together. They are our operational mode and living them every day is our shared way.

In this booklet the values are brought to life, describing what we mean by each value and the behaviours that underpin them. Examples of the values in action, although not exhaustive, are given as a guide as well as some of the performance indicators.

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