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    The LL.M. Degree Program for Foreign-Educated Lawyers

    Established in 1973, Temple’s LL.M. program has become a leader in providing legal education to international lawyers. This general LL.M. degree program is grounded in principles of U.S. and international law, and students are challenged by enrolling in both introductory and advanced law classes with American J.D. (Juris Doctor) students.  


    It is possible to complete the LL.M. degree over two semesters from August to May.  LL.M. students must complete at least 24 credit hours of law course work to earn their degree. We enroll approximately 45 to 50 students in this program each year. This allows the Law School Graduate and International Programs Office to provide individualized academic advising to every international student. A wide array of classes is taught at Temple Law School each year, and our flexible curriculum allows each student to design a course of study to fulfill his or her specific interests.


    Below is an overview of the curriculum for this LL.M.  program:


    Fall semester

    *Legal Research & Writing                                                         (3 credit hours)

    *Introduction to the American Legal System                              (3 credit hours)

    Elective law classes based on student’s interest                        (6-9 credit hours)


    Spring semester

    Advanced Legal Writing course                                                  (3 credit hours)

    Elective law classes based on student’s interest                         (9-12 credit hours)


    *Compulsory subjects required of all international LL.M. students. LL.M. students are also required to enroll in at least one of the following basic U.S. law subjects during their degree program: Contracts Law; Tort Law; Criminal Law I; Real Property Law; Constitutional Law; or Civil Procedure I.


    Some LL.M.  students wish to focus on a particular area of law and will enroll in multiple elective classes in specific subject area. Some students may wish to take a state bar exam in the U.S. and will enroll in classes to fulfill that goal. This general LL.M. degree program offers the flexibility for students to accomplish diverse goals.


    Each year, a number of international law students who meet the enrollment criteria, will take in an elective for-credit Temple Law clinical class to gain practical lawyering skills in real-life legal settings under the supervision of practicing lawyers. Recently, qualified international students enrolled in clinical courses focusing on landlord-tenant court mediation, Red Cross emergency legal services, Family Law mediation and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Charging Unit.  Also, every year, several international LL.M. students will also take in our fall semester Federal Rules of Evidence class in preparation for enrollment in our spring semester Introduction to Trial Advocacy course. The Introduction to Trial Advocacy course is a performance-based class that teaches students to litigations skills using weekly hypothetical trial simulations.


    LL.M. in Transnational Law

    The Transnational LL.M. is designed for recent law school graduates who wish to specialize in international law, and for established attorneys who wish to develop or expand an international legal practice. Students enrolled in this program international or comparative law subjects. Students who wish to study in U.S. law subjects  

    LL.M. in Taxation Law


    For over thirty years, Temple Law School’s international known tax program has offer a strong foundation in the basics of tax law, as well as an opportunity to develop expertise in specialized areas of taxation such as estate planning, employee benefits and international tax. This program is open to students who have completed J.D. degree in the U.S. or a first law degree in their home country.

    LL.M. in Trial Advocacy

    Temple University Beasely School of Law is at the forefront of teaching trial advocacy. The LL.M. program in Trial Advocacy curriculum integrates the development of theory and theme, confidence in presentation, extemporaneous speech, and persuasion in the courtroom. The program is performance based, featuring a “learn by doing” approach. This program is designed for lawyers who have earned a law degree in a common law degree jurisdiction and have strong English language skills.

    LL.M. in Asian Law


    This program is designed primarily for JD holders (and potential JD students) or lawyers from foreign common law jurisdictions who would use Temple’s curricular strengths and existing programs as a bridge to expand their careers to Asia, the most dynamic region in the twenty-first century world. Our program is unique in requiring students to spend a semester at a law school/program in Asia, to gain exposure to substantive aspects of law and an understanding of the subtleties of the legal, economic, social culture from which those laws spring.  

    Doctorate in Juridical Science (S.J.D.)

    Individuals who have completed a J.D. or LL.M.  degree from a U.S. law school (or a master of laws degree from an overseas law school) may wish to earn this internationally recognized Ph.D. equivalent in law. The S.J.D. program is designed for law graduates who have demonstrated an aptitude for legal scholarship and potential for law teaching. The highly selective research-based program requires students to complete a doctoral dissertation of publishable quality (in English) that will make an original contribution to scholarly legal literature.