Fordham University School of Law

Fordham University School of Law

Fordham Law School has provided a complete education in the law for more than 100 years. While the legal profession has changed during that time, the core mission of a Fordham Law education has not. We continue to value academic excellence and the lawyer's craft. We remain committed to ethics and to service. We still impart the warmth of community. Fordham lawyers have been and will continue to be dedicated to the highest standards of the legal profession and to the service of others

Formations diplômantes

Pas de formation professionnelle pour cette organisme.

Formations LLM

  • The United States
  • Full-time, Part-time
  • Intellectual property, U.S. Law , International Law , Resolution, IT and communication , Finance, Banking, Business Law

The LL.M. program is structured on two interdependent principles: globalization and specialization. In our global society, it is essential for a legal professional to have an international outlook as well as a distinctive area of expertise.