Ankara University

Ankara University
The roots of the Ankara University, Faculty of Law can be traced back to the Ankara Judicial School of Law (“Ankara Adliye Hukuk Mektebi”), which was established upon the initiative of the then Minister of Justice, Mahmut Esat Bozkurt, and inaugurated by Kemal Atatürk on 5 November 1925. Main motivation behind the foundation of the School was an urgent need of well-educated lawyers who would maintain and develop the Law Reform aimed by the Republic. Atatürk considered the foundation of the Law School as the beginning of the Law Reform, and expressed his feelings with the following words, inscribed on the mural marble at the entrance of the Faculty Hall: 


"No other inauguration made me happier than opening this great institution which will be the sanction of the Republic and I am delighted to show and express this feeling." 


The Ankara University Faculty of Law (FLAU) has been contributing to this end for 89 years being well aware of its historical honorable mission. Ankara Judicial School of Law is also the first higher educational institution of the Republic. It has been formally denominated as Ankara Law Faculty in 1927 by a decision of the Council of Ministers which has set forth the first milestone of the University of Ankara, Faculty of Law being afterwards one of its faculties in accordance with the Statute dated 06.06.1948 no. 5239 entitled “The Establishment of the Framework of the University of Ankara”, promulgated in conformity with the Act on Universities of 1946.

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