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A team where everyone matters


"Creating and maintaning a great team is always high on our list of priorities as a firm. Many of our members say that ATOZ is different because we pay attention to the individual. And it's true. Here, you won't feel like a number. In fact, ATOZ has been recognized for the last three years as a Luxembourg Great Place to Work."

Fatah Boudjelia, Managing Partner Operations.

Working with us


ATOZ is always looking for young professionals with a can-do and pro-active attitude. Our people are self-starting, motivated and eager to work in a team as well as independently.


Why choose ATOZ?


  • We have a wonderful set of Luxembourg and international clients.
  • We have a great team of carefully selected professionals with multicultural and multilingual background and an ambition to grow with the firm.
  • Working at ATOZ is not just a job, it’s an investment in the future. We are passionate about our work, because we are doing what we enjoy best, giving practical and time-tested advice.



Our recruitment process step by step


1- Online Application


We try to make the application process as simple as possible. Start by finding a job opening that suits

your interests and qualifications. Once you have found a position among our openings, you can fill in

our online application. No need to register or create an account, simply fill in your contact details.

Don't forget to attach your CV or other relevant documents so to be sure to have them ready before

starting the application.

When you have completed all the fields in the application, click ‘Send application’. Shortly afterward,

you will receive a confirmation email at the address you listed on your application.


2- Initial Selection


During a short English phone interview, we evaluate your English level. Phone interviews are win-win

for both of us. You don’t have to travel to our offices, so there’s no waste of time on your part. The

interviews last approximately 10 minutes, which is easy to fit into busy schedules. The interview is

conducted by a teacher, whose mother tongue is English. You won’t really be able to prepare for this

interview, it’s simply short and spontaneous conversation to make sure that your level of English is

adequate for the job.


3- First Interview


Your English phone interview has been validated, congratulations. We propose a date to you and

send you a confirmation e-mail explaining your half-day with us in detail. In addition to practical

information (plane, bus schedule, transportation), we let you know the technical matters to be

addressed, so that you can prepare accordingly. First, the HR team meets with you to discuss your

motivation and aspirations in terms of career development. Then, you take a technical test before

meeting and speaking with our experienced operational teams, all of whom have received specific

training for job interviews.

The only thing we ask of you is to prepare the technical subjects on which you may be evaluated. will

certainly be informed of the technical aspects tested beforehand. In addition to your CV and letter of

motivation, our interviews and technical evaluation contribute to completing the assessment of your

application and provide evidence that your profile is in line with the job offer at hand.

4- Final Decision

You won’t have to wait six months for an answer from us. On the contrary, we are aware that the

search for an internship or a job is sometimes long and complex. We generally are able to provide

you with a final decision in no longer than 2-3 weeks.

5- Your First Day

Your first day can really be enjoyable if you show us that you’re keen to learn. No one will expect you

to be brilliant right out of the gate, so don’t stress about impressing absolutely everyone. Everybody

is at least a little nervous on their first day of work with a new employer. So you know just what to

expect, our HR team which will send you a welcome letter with important information about getting

started with us. Before you begin, your desk is prepared, your email address is activated, your

mentors and followers are designated.

The morning of your arrival, you will receive an HR information pack (employment information,

policies and procedures), a presentation of our Firm, a visit to the company, and IT training. Your

team will be expecting you and at noon, you will be invited to have lunch all together.

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It's not just about work, ATOZ members also like to have fun! Our social events committee works hard to plan internal and external events year-round. While the Summer party and Christmas party are the highlights of the year, we also have themed cocktails, activities such as laser tag and ice skating, sports tournaments, and a yearly visit from Saint Nicolas for member's children. Simply put, there is something for everyone!

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