University of San Francisco (USF) School of Law

University of San Francisco (USF) School of Law

The USF School of Law educates students to be skilled, ethical professionals who make a difference in the world. offers a rigorous education with a global perspective. An accomplished faculty of dedicated teachers and noted scholars is the foundation of the USF School of Law's academic program. Our professors are respected authors, researchers, and legal theorists and foster a vibrant intellectual community at USF. The law school offers full- and part-time JD programs, extensive externship and international programs, as well as several LLM programs.
Adresse : 2130 Fulton Street | San Francisco, CA 94117-1080 | (415) 422-6307

University of San Francisco

Students choose USF to start changing the world here and now.

If you want to make the world a better place, start at the University of San Francisco. Here, you have access to the ultimate extended classroom: San Francisco with its many opportunities and advantages. Here, our 21st-century mission to fashion a more humane and just world is rooted in Jesuit values, comes alive in our diverse learning community and is broadened by our global orientation. Here you are challenged to reach higher standards and to use your education to promote justice and serve the common good.

At USF, we believe that change starts here and now—with you.


The School of Law


The University of San Francisco School of Law strives for excellence in education underscored by a deep commitment to justice

The law school pursues excellence in a humane, diverse, and intellectually vibrant learning community of outstanding teachers and scholars dedicated to training ethical professionals. Consistent with the Jesuit tradition, the law school contributes to society by inspiring the pursuit of justice and serving the many communities—from the academic to the professional and the local to the global—of which it is a part.

We inspire students to excel academically and ethically in their professional and personal lives by:

  • maintaining the highest standards for teaching and student performance;

  • providing intellectual and moral depth through exploration of relationships among law, policy, and social justice; and

  • providing students with the practical skills they need to become effective and ethical lawyers and leaders in today's complex world

Thus throughout its history, the USF School of Law has prepared students for law careers in a community which boasts one of the finest legal traditions in America. Graduates have distinguished themselves in private practice and as attorneys in city, county, state and federal offices. Many of our alums have become members of both the state and federal judiciaries, including justices of the California Supreme Court, as well as prominent members of local, state, and federal legislative bodies.

Complete a LLM at USF

Located in the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic and innovative cities, the USF School of Law offers a rigorous education with a global perspective in a diverse, supportive community. Its Master of Laws programs seek to admit a diverse group of students who are among the most capable lawyers from the Bay Area, nationwide, and countries throughout the world.