University of Connecticut (UConn) School of Law

University of Connecticut (UConn) School of Law

The University of Connecticut School of Law prepares graduates for a lifetime of fulfilling service in any career they choose, including the bar, government, business, and education. UConn Law emphasizes intellectual discipline and the development of professional analytic skills required to respond effectively to continuing changes in law and in society.


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Situated between downtown Hartford and the quaint New England town of West Hartford, students have ready access to restaurants, theaters, museums and much more.  The unique campus located in the west-end of Hartford provides UConn Law students a unique space to form a cohesive-diverse community focused on learning the law.   

Students have the opportunity to develop the legal skills needed to become an effective advocate while studying on a campus that is on the National Register of Historic sites.  In this beautiful environment, students gain experience in academics, professional development, community service, and experiential learning that helps them relate to clients, build networks and improve professional development opportunities for the future.  




Student Organizations

With over 40 active student organizations, there is a wide range of opportunities for students to be involved.  These range from sports teams like soccer, softball, ice hockey and running to the Connecticut Alliance of International Lawyers (CAIL), the Public Interest Law Group, the Women’s Law Student Association and many more.  For a complete list, click here.  There is something for every student.


CAIL – Connecticut Alliance of International Lawyers

CAIL is led by LLM and exchange students.  Students in this group lead events focused on meeting the needs of the many international JD, LLM, SJD and Exchange students who are regularly attending the campus.  Events may focus on bringing international customs to campus such as the Chinese New Year or various language cafes.  And sometimes the events focus on introducing international students to unique U.S. customs such as pumpkin carving, apple picking or campus Easter egg hunts.  


Diversity Committee

Students attending the UConn School of Law strive to create a community that is inclusive of all viewpoints, races, nationalities, religions, and sexual orientation. The UConn School of Law Diversity Committee, a standing Committee under the umbrella of the UConn School of Law Student Bar Association (SBA), acts both proactively and reactively to promote, ensure and protect the open and inclusive nature of our law school's community.

The Committee acts proactively to promote diversity and create an open and inclusive community by working with administrators and faculty to ensure diversity training for students during orientation, for faculty as a part of their regular professional development, and by sponsoring events — such as, but not limited to, Diversity Week — throughout the school year that bring all members of our community together for thought provoking debate and discussion on the creation and maintenance of an inclusive community.



UConn Law’s OneStop is an area within the library focused specifically on meeting the non-academic needs of students.  Encompassed within OneStop is the student services office, the information technology center, the career planning center, the graduate and international programs office, the financial aid office and the office of the registrar.

Each of these offices provides a unique student facing service.  The student services office focuses on offering programs on wellness, connecting students with resources for academic success and providing accommodations for students with different abilities.  The IT department supports student access to information systems on campus.  The career planning center supports students in finding appropriate employment opportunities.  The graduate and international programs office provides academic counseling to LLM students, creates new international partnerships for exchange and the financial aid and registrar’s office help students meet their academic goals with a solid financial plan.

Students can bring any question to OneStop for a solution or help designing a plan for the best course of action.