LL.M. in Law

LL.M. in Law

  • Full-time, Initial education
  • U.S. Law , General law
  • The United States
  • Responsable(s) de la formation : Susan Simone Kang
    Contact administratif 617-552-1002
    Contact administratif : Susan Simone Kang
    Adresse : Newton, MA 02459
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    Email : bcllm@bc.edu

    Boston College Law School

    Since our founding in 1929, Boston College Law School has earned an international reputation for educational excellence and the highest standards of professionalism.  Our school is among the top few law schools in the U.S. in the number of applications it receives and has an overall applicant-to-acceptance ratio that is among the most selective in the nation.


    Boston College Law School places unmatched emphasis on teachers as mentors, building community, pursuing justice, global engagement, and experiential learning.  Working together with you, we can deepen our understanding of law, social justice, and public service and collectively increase their prominence on the world stage.


    Our LL.M. Program's Central Philosophy


    International perspectives

    Boston College Law School’s LL.M. program is a centerpiece of our commitment to promote justice internationally.


    Our LL.M. program immerses students in the knowledge and culture of the U.S. legal system and helps prepare them for the challenges of work in an increasingly global legal community.  Today’s world requires every lawyer to ask “what are the international issues?”  International perspectives must be an integral part of each student’s experiences as a whole.  Boston College Law School’s LL.M. is directed to lawyers and law graduates trained in other countries and experienced U.S. lawyers who may uniquely benefit from advanced work here.

    Our values

    Our LL.M. program offers a superb legal education within a great Jesuit university.  It offers a framework of professional and personal values that will help you succeed not just in practice, but in life.  A LL.M. from Boston College Law School exposes you to renowned world-class professors of unmatched accessibility. We even match each LL.M. student with a faculty mentor who works in that student's areas of interest.  Our LL.M. also gives you membership to a carefully selected student body who is the next generation of global leaders in legal practice, government, NGOs, the judiciary, law teaching, and private industry.


    But our LL.M. program is not just about our professors teaching you important skills.  It is also about you teaching us.  Your participation in the classroom inspires us to think about the impact of law more globally.  It prepares us for a world in which the laws of other countries permeate local decision-making to an unprecedented degree.  Your friendship enriches our lives outside the classroom, just as we hope our friendship will enrich yours.