LL.M. in International and European Law at Vrije Universiteit Brussel

LL.M. in International and European Law at Vrije Universiteit Brussel

  • Belgium
  • Responsable(s) de la formation : Prof. Dr. Harri Kalimo
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    Contact administratif : Marleen VAN IMPE
    Adresse : Brussels
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    Email : llm@ies.be

    The LLM in International and European law is a one-year 60 ECTS Advanced Master's degree obtained in one academic year (i.e. two semesters of four months each, from end September until early July). It is a demanding full-time day programme which is composed of compulsory courses and two specialisation options: Public Law or Business Law. Students also have to carry out legal research as part of their Master's thesis (worth 18 ECTS credits).

    Types of courses

    The programme offers a balanced, versatile package that requires students to successfully complete:

    • compulsory, traditional courses that give a broad overview (18 credits) as well as deepening insights (12 credits) into international and EU law, including a short research paper by teams of up to four students;
    • optional courses in either the public or business law option (12 credits), including practical exercises and a real life case study simulation, for instance in the field of European competition law;
    • a compulsory Master's thesis (18 credits) 


    • EU Institutional Framework and Judicial Protection (first semester, 6 credits)
      Profs. Y. DEVUYST and D. ARTS.
    • International and Comparative Law (first semester, 6 credits)
      Prof. S. SMIS and Prof. R. GOSALBO BONO.
    • Globalization, International Law & Sustainable Development (first semester, 3 credits)
      Prof. S. van THIEL
    • International and European Protection of Human Rights (first semester, 3 credits)
      Prof. S. GUTWIRTH
    • EU Economic Law (first semester, 3 credits)
      Prof. T. JORIS
    • International Economic Law and Organizations (first semester, 3 credits)
      Prof. F. HOFFMEISTER.
    • International and EU Competition Law (second semester, 3 credits)
      Prof. B. SMULDERS
    • EU External Relations (second semester, 3 credits)
      Prof. B. MARTENCZUK

    Sub-total: 30 credits


    • Public Law Option
      • Case Study on Public International/EU law (second semester, 6 credits)
        Prof. S. OBERTHÜR and H. KALIMO
      • EU Environmental Law in an International Context (second semester, 3 credits)
        Prof. S. OBERTHÜR and H. KALIMO.
      • International and European Criminal Law (second semester, 3 credits)
        Prof. P. DE HERT
    • Business Law Option
      • Case Study on European Competition Law (second semester, 6 credits)
        Prof. T. JORIS
      • European and International Private Law (second semester, 3 credits)
        Prof. A. NUYTS
      • International and European Taxation (second semester, 3 credits)
        Prof. S. VAN THIEL

    Sub-total: 12 credits


    • Thesis: compulsory legal research within one of the fields covered by the Programme (first and second semester,18 credits)