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We think and advise from a business perspective. We are aware of the importance of efficient resource management and the significance of planning that is viable and far-sighted. We also always bear in mind the business and financial implications of our advice. This applies to both litigious and structuring advice.

Our main focus is our client. We identify with our clients' interests and objectives. Working intensively with our clients and understanding their needs are the common red thread of our advice. We ensure that from the beginning to the end we never lose sight of that thread.

Added value through integrated solutions. Our clients appreciate interdisciplinary advice. If required, we can supplement our legal services with external tax experts, business consultants, accountants and investment bankers.

Specialisation and variety. We have expertise in all the areas that are important for small to medium-size businesses, major corporations and the public sector. Our size allows us to focus on specific areas and industries. Our Practice Areas are divided into Service Lines, therefore, our clients can also rely on our teams to deal with interdisciplinary matters.

Our advice extends beyond borders. We are a part of an independent German partnership of lawyers and tax advisors with 11 offices in Germany. We are one of the 6 foreign offices in the relevant European and Asian markets, which offer cross-border advice and project management. In addition, we are exceptionally well networked internationally through our membership in the worldwide tax organisation Taxand.

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