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Master in European Law - LL.M. : General European Law specialization (and Satcommedia law option)


This specialization concentrates on European, Transnational, and Comparative law. It benefits from first-hand interaction with current legal issues and leaders due to the proximity of numerous European institutions, including the Court of Justice of the EU and the European Investment Bank. The program is research-based and offers broad insight into the different fields of European law and an additional option to specialize in Satellite, Communications and Media Law.

The specialization in General European Law builds on the knowledge students acquired during their first year of studies in the Master in European Law LL.M. at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance or equivalent competencies acquired at another University. This specialization addresses students with a more research-­‐ oriented focus and an interest in a broad overview of European Law, thereby allowing a vast possibility for areas in which to conduct professional work in the future.

Students in this field have the possibility to build their own study program according to their interests. It allows a widespread insight into the different relevant topics in European Law by profiting from the other specializations in European Law offered at the Faculty - altogether five other specializations - from which the courses can be chosen. Altogether, the courses chosen in the first semester add up to 30 ECTS and after a short trial period at the beginning of each winter semester the students hand in their final choices which are then accepted on individual basis by the course director.

Why specialise in General European Law at the University of Luxembourg?

  • Taught by leading academics in the field, as well as Judges and Advocate Generals of the Court of Justice of the European Union.
  • Small group of 25 highly qualified studentsfrom across Europe
  • Sharpen your English and French language skills, thanks to bilingual programme (specialised language training in legal English and French is offered by the University during the year).
  • Rare opportunity to specialise in Satellite Communications and Media Law.
  • Access tohigh-level conferences organised at the University.
  • Participation in Moot Court competitions (the competitions cover the field of European Law in general, European Convention on Human Rights Law, Public International Law, Investment Arbitration Law, International Commercial Arbitration Law, WTO Law and others) is an obligatory part of this specialisation for which a number of ECTS are granted, thereby compensating for regular courses.

Career opportunities

Access to any legal profession (national administrations, European institutions, law firms, notaries,
judiciary, legal counsels, banks and financial institutions). Possibility to continue into a PhD

Structure of studies

1 year LL.M. option

Advanced law students are welcome at the University of Luxembourg and may enter directly into
European Criminal Law specialisation. Applicants should have completed successfully 4 years of law
studies (Master / 240 ECTS), including courses on criminal law and European Union law.

2 year LL.M. option

The first year is common to all LL.M. programmes. It offers a variety of courses in European,
comparative and international law from which the students may choose in order to prepare for the
requirements of the second year. During the second year you will acquire an in-depth knowledge
and practical training in European Criminal Law. Applicants should have completed successfully 3
years of law studies (Bachelor / 180 ECTS).

Satcommedia law option

The University of Luxembourg offers students the rare opportunity to specialise in one of the most
cutting-edge & rapidly developing fields of Law – that of Satellite Communications and Media Law.
This includes elements of space law, telecommunication law, internet law, intellectual property and
data protection law, all of which are taught in an International, European and also national
Luxembourg perspective.

Professor in charge: Prof Mahulena Hofmann: SES Chair in Satellite Communications and Media.