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European and International Human Rights Law


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Studying European and international human rights law in a comparative perspective has twofold added value. First, it may provide inspiration for the improvement of the systems studied. Second, and perhaps even more importantly, studying different human rights mechanisms in a comparative perspective deepens the insights gained by making one look differently at what may have seemed self-evident before. In this way it stimulates out-of-the-box thinking and develops creative approaches to the human rights issues involved. 

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Les frais de scolarité pour les cours à temps complet: € 15,000
Les frais de scolarité pour les cours à temps partiel: 
€ 7,550 

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Admission requirements

Tuition fee (fulltime): € 15,000
Tuition fee (part time): 
€ 7,550 

To qualify for admission to the Master of Laws Advanced Studies in European and International Human Rights Law programme, applicants must possess:

  • a full degree in Law offering access to legal practice in the country where it was obtained or an equivalent degree from a recognised University/Law School; or a degree at an equivalent level in another discipline with a sufficient background in law,
  • evidence of excellent academic performance, illustrated by way of an academic transcript,
  • sufficient academic background in the area of human rights law.
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