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Master 2 Droit international, européen et comparé, spécialité juriste international parcours international business law (IBL)

  • Master 2
  • Formation initiale
  • Toulouse
  • Droit des affaires, Droit international privé, Droit européen, Droit comparé/Droit étranger
  • 1 an
  • Hugues Kenfack ,Cécile Le Gallou
  • Mauricette Bourrounet
  • 2 rue du Doyen Gabriel Marty 31042 TOULOUSE Cedex 9, Toulouse
  • 05 61 63 37 95
  • [email protected]
  • Consulter


Premier semestre :


  • International Business LawInternational Contracts
  • International commercial arbitration
  • International Banking and Finance Law
  • International Company Law
  • Public International Law
  • European Competition Law
  • Initiation to French methodology
  • Initiation/Advanced French Language 20h-1 ECTS

Second semestre : ( 3 spécialités )
1. Aeronautic, space and embedded systems (Aerospace Valley) :



  • International contracts (major clauses, drafting, negotiation)
  • Arbitration and other conflict resolution mechanisms (institutions, ex ICC, international conventions, dispute resolution by domestic or foreign courts, case studies)
  • Intellectual Property Rights (research and development contracts, protection of intellectual property)
  • Corporate Law (mergers and acquisitions; specificities of international companies i.e. groups of companies present in different countries)
  • Competition regulation (prohibited agreements or arrangements, obligation to notify)
  • Payment guarantees (stand by letter of credit, performance bonds, parent company guarantees)
  • Tax laws and regulations
  • Applicable regulation in European countries (in particular UK and France)
  • Presentation of main principles
  • Case presentation
  • Applicable regulations in certain regions or countries (in particular in EU)
  • Example of a Request for proposal
  • Answering and selection process, offer preparation
  • Competition regulations (possible recourse against a decision in which a competitor has been unlawfully chosen
  • Aircraft leasing and financing
  • Specific regulations applicable to air trafic
  • Specific regulations applicable to transportation of passengers and goods
  • Responsibility of aircraft companies
  • Special seminar : legal aspects of retailing of remote detection satellite data 

2. Cancer-Bio-Health :



  • Regulatory-Administrative law
  • Product liability
  • Related competition Law  
  • Dispute Resolution/Litigation
  • Contract Law
  • Patents and Know-How
  • Clinical trials / patients rights

3. Agriculture and Agribusiness



Master 1 Droit international, européen et comparé ou diplôme équivalent


  • Enseignement-recherche
  • Services juridiques des entreprises
  • Services juridiques des organisations et institutions européennes ou internationales
  • Avocats-conseils
  • Fonction publique nationale ou territoriale

Information complémentaire

Les séminaires seront donnés par des professionnels (Airbus, Atr, Latecoere, Eads Astrium, Spot Image, Thales, Continental, Pierre Fabre, 3a Groupe)