Bonn Steichen & Partners

Bonn Steichen & Partners

Lieu : Hesperange
Création : 2014
Managing Partner(s) : Alain Steichen
EFFECTIF (Monde) : 70
EFFECTIF (France) : 0
Adresse : 2 Rue Peternelchen, Hesperange, Luxembourg, 3330
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Real Estate & Construction

Publié jeudi 24 septembre 2015

Real estate transactions are as diverse as the entities and people who conduct them. Whether they are buyers or sellers, our clients commit significant portions to their portfolios in real estate transactions. With this understanding, we provide our clients with the best practical advice to deliver the desired outcome.
We thus assist buyers, sellers, brokers, mortgagors, architects, investors and individuals in a full range of real estate and construction matters:
  • Purchase, sale and lease-back agreements ;
  • Legal and tax structuring of property deals ;

  • Financing of construction/acquisition ;

  • Mortgage/Loan restructurings ;

  • Construction law ;

  • Environmental law ;

  • Zoning law, land use and permitting ;

  • Real estate and construction disputes, including arbitration, mediation and traditional litigation.


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