Bonn Steichen & Partners

Bonn Steichen & Partners

Lieu : Hesperange
Création : 2014
Managing Partner(s) : Alain Steichen
EFFECTIF (Monde) : 70
EFFECTIF (France) : 0
Adresse : 2 Rue Peternelchen, Hesperange, Luxembourg, 3330
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Publié mardi 13 octobre 2015

Aware of the stakes that intellectual property (IP) rights represent for economic and social development, Luxembourg has set up a business-friendly legislative and tax framework to attract and retain innovative companies.

At BSP, we know that our clients’ brands, patents and other intellectual property rights are part of their most valuable assets. Failure to protect them may be hazardous to their company. That’s why our lawyers are at their side to protect and develop this asset, combining legal protection with both tax and financial optimisation.

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