Professional LL.M.

Professional LL.M.

  • Full-time, Initial education
  • General law
  • The United States
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    Student life

    We offer more fascinating activities than any student can possibly plumb. But we understand that student life doesn't end at the school perimeter. It spills spontaneously across the UC Berkeley campus, the city of Berkeley, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

    The options are infinite, whether a person's interests run to politics or poetry, food or film, nature or nightlife. Restaurants within a one-mile radius represent more than 30 cuisines from every continent but Antarctica. Our music, dance, and film scenes are every bit as international as our culinary landscape. And making the case that our spectacular recreational resources surpass those of our peer schools is so easy it's practically unethical. 

    At Berkeley Law we never lose sight of our great fortune to be part of a world-class university in the heart of a region world-famous for its leadership in science, technology, business, and culture, along with its entrepreneurial spirit, multiculturalism, and natural beauty.


    Meet Our Students

    Beatriz Veiga Carvalho, São Paulo, Brazil, Class of 2010

    “The Professional LL.M. program at Berkeley Law is really unique. The possibility of earning an LL.M. degree without having to put my career completely on hold was one of the best advantages. In addition, Berkeley Law created a program that is really focused on the needs of LL.M. students: learning the basics of US Law and also having the opportunity of deepening our knowledge in specific areas, such as IP and corporations.”

    Matteo Mazzoni, Bologna, Italy, Class of 2011

    “Get ready for one of the most exciting and intense experiences of your life. As you will hear almost everywhere around campus, people don’t sleep much here.”

    Marta Ligia Garcia, Bogotá, Colombia, Class of 2012

    “The Professional LL.M. program was especially suited for my situation, allowing me to learn the American legal system with the most outstanding faculty in one of the best universities in the world, without interrupting my professional career. I can say with confidence that it has been the most enriching experience in my life.”