Professional LL.M.

Professional LL.M.

  • Full-time, Initial education
  • General law
  • The United States
  • Contact administratif 510-642-1476
    Contact administratif : Natalie Golden
    Adresse : Berkeley
    Site Internet : Consulter
    Email :

    How to apply?

    We accept online applications only, through the Law School Admissions Council. The application deadline is January 10.


    Applying through LSAC

    Berkeley Law requires that applicants submit their application online through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) website. If you do not have an LSAC account, you may register for one here.


     Fee Type


    Required or   Optional?

     Application Fee



     LSAC LLM CAS Document Assembly Fee



     LSAC LLM CAS International Transcript  Authentication & Evaluation Service        



     Optional but  recommended

    If you experience technical difficulties in using the online application service, please call LSAC’s Help Desk at 215-968-1393 or e-mail LSAC Help Desk hours are listed here.  If you cannot apply online due to extenuating circumstances such as lack of Internet, you may request a paper application form from the Advanced Degree Programs Office.

    LL.M. Credential Assembly Service (LLM CAS)

    LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service consists of two parts: the Document Assembly Service and the International Transcripts Authentication and Evaluation Service.  This service simplifies the application process by centralizing the submission of application materials.  By utilizing the LLM CAS, applicants need only send one set of documents to LSAC, who will assemble and distribute reports to the participating law schools of you choice.


    In order to access and submit our online application, you must purchase either the Document Assembly Service only ($75 USD) or the Document Assembly Service AND International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service ($200 USD total).  Your Credential Assembly Service account will be active for five years.


    • LLM CAS Document Assembly Service

    Berkeley Law requires that all LL.M. applicants purchase and utilize the Document Assembly Service.  Through the Document Assembly Service ($75 USD), LSAC will collect academic records, letters of recommendation, and English proficiency exam score(s) and distribute them to the law schools of your choice.

    • LLM CAS International Transcript Authentication & Evaluation Service

    The International Transcript Authentication & Evaluation Service ($125USD in addition to the Document Assembly Service fee) is an option for applicants educated outside the US.  This service is highly recommended but not required.  Applicants using this service may arrange for official academic documents to be sent once to LSAC for evaluation, authentication and transmission to the participating law schools of your choice.


    Please note that if you purchase the International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service, LSAC will not forward any documents to Berkeley Law until your transcripts are received, authenticated, and evaluated.  Thus, if you do not intend to submit your academic records to LSAC, you should purchase only the Document Assembly Service.

    A complete LL.M. application should include the following:

    Application form submitted online via LSAC by January 10

    2. $80 application fee - pay by credit card while submitting online application

    3. Personal Statement - upload to online application

    4. Curriculum vitae (c.v.) or résumé  - upload to online application

    5. Official academic records - the issuing institution should send directly to LSAC

    6. Two letters of recommendation - send to LSAC with their Letter of Recommendation Form

    7. TOEFL/IELTS score - request that the score report be sent to LSAC. If requesting an English Language Proficiency waiver, check the "Yes" button under the English Requirement section of the online application.

    8. Thesis Proposal Summary (thesis track applicants only) - upload to online application

    2015 Professional Track Admissions Timeline

    • Sept-Dec 2015: Rolling admissions decisions
    • Jan 10, 2016: Deadline to apply online for 2015-16 professional track


    For a more detailed 2015-2016 Professional LL.M. program schedule, please click here.