LL.M. Chronicles #1: Motivations (English Version)

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LL.M. Chronicles #1: Motivations (English Version)

One year ago, during my internship, at the end of my Master, I came up with the idea to do an LL.M. abroad. Hours of navigation on the web and many exchanges with former students allowed me to identify this term and to make up my mind. A year later, I was at New York University (NYU). Looking back at what I went through during the application process, I told myself it might be helpful to write chronicles.

An LL.M., or a Legum Magister, is above all a strong investment, financial (including cost of living, about 75 000€ for the United-States and 30 000€ in the UK) as well as personal (one year away from one’s family and friends), which is a fact to be reckoned with. That is why you have to know what you are seeking. So far, I noticed three types of motivation:


  • living an experience abroad,
  • deepening a subject in a different intellectual environment
  • Strengthen one’s resume and open doors of reputable law firms.

Those motivations are not exclusive, and usually, the decision of everyone is a balance between them.


I believe these three motivations were present in my choice to get an LL.M. degree. After being admitted in several LL.M.s, my personal life made me decide to leave for the United-States and it is the reputation of the LL.M. in International Taxation that made me choose NYU.


If you do not have a little of each of these motivations in mind, the investment might not be worth the effort.

Spending such an amount of money to go abroad is not always justifiable, while, at the same time, it is possible to find an internship, a VIE or a partnership offering the same experience.

The same holds for the deepening of a subject, partly because partnerships between universities enable communication with teachers or researchers.

Lastly regarding resume, law firms recruiting only LL.M. students are quite rare; doing one year of internship or collaborations could be a better option because employers pay special attention to professional experience especially for a first job.


A good solution may be to contact law firms you are interested in or to go to events organized by universities in Paris. For instance, NYU organizes an information meeting each year in several cities, as King’s College does. Many universities also organize online chat or webinars that allow you to obtain information directly from students and representatives; provided that you do make jet lag mistake.


It is important to be clear about your choice early in the year because the road that will take you to the application submission is still long.


Chronicles: Matthieu Sabonnadière

Translation (French to English): Coline Vériaux



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